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Discovering an interior door, to suit your home is not as difficult as you may assume. The selection of internal doors is forever growing and with this in mind, will come a variety of interior doors that will no doubt, improve the aesthetic of your home. We at Doors2Doors, are here to offer a cost effective approach, in obtaining some of the very best internal doors available within the UK. Our approach and business of doors within Leicester, has earned us a status as one of the UK's leading cheap internal door suppliers. 
We supply an array of internal glazed doors, which are accompanied by a solid door counterpart. These doors can be used as Room Dividers, bi-fold doors, standard hinged doors or internal sliding doors. A skilled carpenter can work most things, so whether it be an internal door with glass, rebated into an interior French door set. Internal sliding doors, working on a tracking mechanism or a simple swap over on hinges. Our internal doors are used for multiple purposes, on a day to day basis. 
With hundreds of designs available, we are happy you have found us and we welcome you to view our entire range of doors, delivered straight to your home. 
Unfinished Oak Doors 
The first, and the most popular are Oak Pre-Finished Doors. These type of interior doors, are lacquered and sprayed to a complete finish and will require no further finishing to these doors. Pre-Finished Oak doors, are available in multiple designs, with a variety of sizes and nearly all of them are available as made to measure doors. The one main thing we urge you to remember, is that if an interior door has been trimmed, you may need to varnish the edges, as the solid oak lipping the surrounds your door, will then be showing unfinished Oak. We classify these wooden doors, as a medium oak colour, therefor please choose wisely the product you select when finishing these Interior door edges. ( Quick Tip - Treatex Medium Oak & Treatex Satin Work Really Well ) 
Prefinished (Fully Finished) Oak Doors 
Another option, would be Oak Unfinished Doors. Although an Oak Veneered door, this range allow you to dictate and change the colour tones of your internal wooden door, by using certain wax and varnishing products and techniques. These American white oak doors, are simply a raw oak veneer, in which if they were ever damaged later on, you can always attempt in sanding them back down, as though nothing ever happened! They do require yourself or a decorator to finish this brand of internal door, but you are in control. 
White Primed Doors 
Without doubt, the most popular have and always will be, White Primed internal doors. Crafted onto solid mdf, these veneered doors are then applied with a White Primer. These doors save the hassle of an additional coat of paint and will allow you to apply the same White Paint, that you may have on your interior door frames. This creates a better consistency and whether it be solid panelled or white glazed internal doors, you are in control of the final result. 
Prefinished (Fully Finished) White Doors 
Rapidly growing, are white fully finished interior doors. Similar to that of Oak Pre-Finished, these doors are sprayed to a complete finish and will require no further decorating as these internal doors are completely finished for you, saving time and dedication. 
Prefinished (Fully Finished) Grey Doors 
With the rise of Grey, modernizing living rooms and living space, it didn't seem a bad idea just lately, to introduce the Dark Grey and Light Grey interior doors to the UK. These Grey internal doors, are classed as Pre-Finished and will require no further treatment, as it has already been done for you. Depending on the door you select, if the edges of your grey doors have been trimmed, you may need to purchase a RAL colour coded small tub of paint, just to blend the consistency of the edges to the rest of your grey interior door. We believe that Grey doors, are here for the long run and whilst they are increasingly popular, purchasing them now, has never been a better time. 
Prefinished (Fully Finished) Walnut Doors 
The dark, yet natural tones of Walnut interior doors, have been increasing in popularity over the last 15 years. Walnut doors offer something different, a darker and fuller tone to your living space. The majority of Walnut doors, are created in a modern design, with a genuine walnut veneer. This range, are also listed in the Pre-finished category and will require no further finishing to these interior doors. If you want to stand out, with a dark natural wood grain effect door, then Walnut, is the one to consider. 
Pine Doors 
Pine doors, have been declining over the years, but are still in demand! They offer a more cost effective approach to changing your interior doors, which is why they fall under the range of cheap internal doors. Constructed using solid softwood, this range of internal doors are suitable for all homes. With their light colour tones, Pine interior doors will without doubt, brighten the decor of your home. They are ideal for painting and varnishing, which is a very good option to have! 
Hollow Core Doors - White Moulded Doors 
One of the most cheap internal door ranges on the market, are the White Moulded / Hollow Core Doors. This range is fantastic if you are working on a budget and looking for something to uplift your living room. One very important thing to bare in mind, is what you can trim offer this brand of interior door. 
Most of these traditional designs, come with only a 6mm lipping, so it is very important that your door opening size is very close to that of a standard door size. Our hollow doors are available in either a smooth or textured internal door. These designs are also white primed, ready to apply the finishing touch to your interior door. 
Room Dividers - Double Doors - Interior French Doors 
Internal double doors, have been one of the most popular trends for separating rooms within a home. They can provide privacy, but yet allow natural light to brighten the place if your room divider set has glass panelling. You may even want to eliminate or minimize natural light and go for a solid panelled or frosted glazed double door. We offer this range, in Oak, White, Walnut and Grey. The rebates are set on internal french doors, so if you are opening the double doors into a room, the left door will open first, followed by the right. 
Fire Doors 
Please click here, to visit our designated internal fire door page. There, you will find all the ranges and information you wish to seek. 

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